Apple buys Kinect tech creator, PrimeSense

Apple has purchased PrimeSense, a company whose 3D technology was instrumental in creating Microsoft’s first Kinect system.

The most recent Kinect — the one which comes bundled with Xbox One — was actually developed entirely in-house and PrimeSense has since been developing and refining its 3D sensing tech.

One of the company’s projects is Capri, which CEO Inon Beracha described in January as around ten times smaller than PrimeSense’s current generation of sensors.

MIT’s Technology Review quotes Beracha as saying, “Capri is small enough to fit into today’s most popular smartphones while still providing the highest depth performance at short and long range.”

The applications of the tech in relation to smartphones, tablets and other variations on mobile personal computing as well as more living room-centric propositions bring us to the Apple acquisition.

There has been no official confirmation of the figures involved (rumours offer a ballpark of $360 million, or £220 million) but PrimeSense did confirm that the deal had taken place in a statement to the BBC.

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