The Testing and Measuring Industry is Rapidly Growing

According to recent market research conducted by TechNavio, the testing and measuring equipment sector will see a healthy growth of 24,50% during the 2011-2015 period. Results also point out that the industry is growing at a fast pace across the world thanks to the numerous benefits brought by testing and measurement tools in a variety of industrial sectors.

Electronic products have also shown a steady growth pattern, even though the production costs are on the rise. The report covers almost every region in the world, including Europe, North and South America, East Asia and Africa.

Among the companies in the industry, one of the most important players is MCS Test Equipment, with headquarters in Britain, offering a wide range of new and used measurement and testing tools and equipment.

Having a portfolio of more than 30 clients, the company can ensure the most professional service and best solution for any need. Customers can contact the company with any requirement which will be dealt with in the shortest time possible.

Usually, buying new measurement and testing equipment may prove expensive and customers will tend to cut costs if possible. This is why many companies are beginning to offer affordable renting options for customers looking for a cheaper alternative.

As a result, MCS-Test Equipment provides an extensive range of financial offers and options, fit for any customer. The stocks include used equipment and tools at lower and affordable prices, as well as new, state of the art devices.

Customers can rent special devices and tools for shorter periods of time, thus further reducing costs. The company also offers a trade in option where clients can trade items among themselves.

An important benefit is that customers can choose and test the equipment directly at the store, thus making a better decision to fit their needs. Other benefits to renting equipment versus paying the full price for a new device are:

1. Customers do not pay for warranties and insurance

2. Transportation and maintenance is usually free of charge

3. No storage and other additional costs, such as repairs or accessories

4. Clients can choose from a huge range measuring and testing equipment, from infrared cameras to professional temperature testers or wireless testers such as Bluetooth devices, FM and GPS testers or radio communication equipment. Other tools include DAB and DVB analysers, as well as video editing equipment.

Also, rental companies can offer related services for customers, such as a permanent repair service with professional technicians. This ensures low downtimes for clients, as well as a better connection with other suppliers.

All these elements lead to a better service to customers who will be able to use the latest available equipment and tools at an affordable price. Flexibility and a wide range of products can also be mentioned as a determining factor when going for a rental versus normal purchase.

The rapidly growing measurement and testing equipment industry will benefit greatly from the rental offers brought by companies. Customers will be able to use the tools when needed at a lower price, which in turn will further expand the market to even more clients, determined to take advantage of the lower cost.

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