Has Apple’s dominion come to end?

The Apple and Android debate is probably the biggest divisive point since the cola wars between Coke and Pepsi in the 1980s. People are either Apple or Android and such users defend their products to the hilt.

During the early part of the millennium Apple stormed ahead in the market sector thanks to their innovative iPod, since then manufactures such as Samsung have been playing catch up. So 13 years after the first iPod was released has Apple’s hegemony over the technology market come to an end?

If we start with tablets it’s clear that the iPad is losing out. The iPad Air was supposed to revolutionise the tablet market, yet when compared to the Android operated Kindle Fire, which is £100 cheaper, they are getting swamped.

The fabled retina screen is better on the Kindle Fire and so is the battery life. The processor of the iPad is quicker but the SnapDragon800 in the Fire is better for a heavier workload as well as online gaming, especially online gambling.

With all online casinos such as 32Red casino being available on both platforms, the iPad is losing its exclusivity, something they used to pride themselves on. The rise of Android and especially Samsung has killed the iPad’s dominance in the tablet market. Android has risen from a market share of 45.8% in 2012 to 61.9% in 2013, while Apple’s iPad has fallen from 52.8% to 36% in the same period.

It may appear that all your friends have iPhones but in reality the world is turning to Android.  What’s more worrying for Apple is the entry of Microsoft into the sector following their acquisition of Nokia in 2013 – which will take another bite out of their apple.

In terms of worldwide market share for smart phones, 81% of people used Android users in 2013; there were 12.9% on iOS (iPhone) and 3.6% on Windows, it also signalled the end for Blackberry. The iPhone 5s came out in 2013 but its price in comparison to a Samsung Galaxy makes it seem very overpriced and thus due to the high price people are turning towards the Android phones.

What one has to remember that Android isn’t a phone, it’s an operating system that’s used by Samsung, LG, Sony, HTC and Motorola to name a few, so of course it’s to be expected that they will have a higher market share.

However, the popularity of Apple products is falling and so are their overall sales. In the phone and tablet market they are losing ground as they alienate the average Joe. This is the problem that Apple faces, their prices are untenable, people simple cannot afford them and when you can the same specs on a competitor products for a fraction of the price why would you go for Apple?

This is why they brought out the iPhone 5c, a cheaper alternative, but considering the unique selling point is that you get it in pink it’s still overpriced.

At the minute Apple are living off their brand identity, as more and more people get clued up to what their competitors offer their influence in the market is going to continue to shrink.

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