What Online Video is Useful For

The power of video has become so significant in recent years that all business owners must seriously consider integrating it into their online strategy. Studies suggest that the impact of videos can be extremely positive for a number of factors, notably in terms of advertising and increasing conversion rates.

If you’re still unsure about a video’s benefits, then here are five reasons why it can be worth implementing them into your website.

Boost Your Website

Perhaps the most obvious advantage of a video is that it will make your website look and feel more impressive. A cleverly positioned video on your home page can increase its aesthetic appearance and keep visitors on the site for longer. In essence, they can make your website stand out from rival companies. By using shots of your office or a video profile of employees, this will also add a personal touch which viewers may react well to.

Further information: http://www.wikihow.com/Increase-Your-Traffic-from-YouTube-Videos


Search Engine Optimisation algorithms have begun to look more favourably on websites which include videos within their pages. This has been amplified by the rise of YouTube as the internet’s second largest search engine; by including relevant keywords in the video’s description can boost your ranking in relation to this. Major search engines such as Google also take into consideration the practice of ‘blended search’, meaning pages with videos included appear alongside organic results.

Further information: http://www.wordtracker.com/academy/video-for-seo

Spreading the Company Message

Creating a video which goes viral has become one of the main considerations in its creation. This is where a video has reverberated with a large amount of people, most likely because of its humorous or emotive content, and then shared over a variety of platforms. With social media playing a massive part in online strategy also, producing a viral video with your brand name or company message can be highly beneficial. In effect, the hard work and cost concerned with advertising is eliminated because people share the video on your behalf.

Further information: http://www.seveermedia.com/video-production-services.php

Interacting with Viewers

Video has been proven to engage with a higher percentage of website visitors, especially those of a younger demographic. Many studies suggest that people would rather sit through a 2 minute long video rather than scroll through large, boring chunks of text that could take over 10 minutes to read. Video is more efficient than text when explaining certain matters also. For example, viewers will probably react better to an on-screen demonstration rather than a set of complex instructions.

Further information: http://www.webpronews.com/youtube-shows-you-how-views-interact-with-your-videos-2009-03

Used Over a Wide Spectrum

No matter which industry you are in, video can still have a positive effect when it comes to online strategy. Production companies can tailor video to suit any style required, using real life action shots as well as high-tech 3D motion picture graphics. Along with boosting your website’s attractiveness and its advertising benefits, videos can also be used for additional reasons. These can include in-house staff training, health and safety demonstrations or educational purposes.

Further information: http://www.reelseo.com/online-video-ad-types-formats/

Whichever way it is used for, the power of video is fast becoming a main consideration for online business strategy. There are many ways it can be implemented to gain higher visibility for your brand and connect with potential customers.

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