How your Wi-Fi can build a database that pays for itself

The online world has become just as important, if not more so, than the offline one. In business, the need for quick communication and information sharing has grown to the point where it’s a necessity, and the best way to achieve this is via the internet.

Whether you’re running a business from the office, the restaurant, the store or your home, you can introduce and manage your Wi-Fi so that it pays for itself. With help from sites such as My Port you can utilize tips to maximise your online presence and profitably.
Advertising Revenue

Once a Wi-Fi network has been established for your business, you can then use this as a springboard to advertising revenue. There are several ways of realising this, if you have your own business page as the homepage or log in page for your network, open this up as an advertising platform.

Have a company either sponsor the log in page, through logo’s or data collection (have customers log in with an email to access the Wi-Fi) or have them advertise on your webpage. By having it as the homepage to the gateway portal, you’ve created a compulsory pit stop for your consumers and increased exposure to your own business.

By increasing hits and exposure for your own organization, you are essentially driving sales and increasing profitability. The Wi-Fi has therein paid for itself.

Within a functioning business, ease of communication goes a long way. By ensuring there is a stable, reliable wireless network in place for employees to communicate, you are investing in the success of the business.

Whether its an intranet information portal, where employees can find information, check personal details such as pay slips, or email, wherein employees save time in communicating with their colleges, good Wi-Fi is key to running an effective company.

Employees can also access the network from areas other than their desk, such as from their tablet in a meeting, or their phone in the elevator. In this situation, the database has paid for itself in time and the employees are content ensuring greater quality and job satisfaction in work produced.
Customer base

Wi-Fi availability attracts consumers. If you have a physical location, be it a store, restaurant or office, the Wi-Fi factor is enticing to customers, they can browse the web while they shop, upload a picture of their food to Instagram, or check in at the new hip bar while they’re out.

The aspect of your business has now created a wider customer base and increased exposure of the organization; effectively the small investment in Wi-Fi has grown profitable. Businesses can take the online medium further, by encouraging customers to tweet, or create a Facebook status about the business in exchange for a small discount or other privileges.

They can also be encouraged to upload a photo, and if they reach a certain number of ‘likes’ this can too result in a small privilege. It’s subtle marketing that results in maximum exposure.

Wi-Fi is a small cost that can build a database that pays for itself in a very short time, the return on investment is guaranteed and the overall functionality of the database is something many individuals could not live without.

Is your Wi-Fi creating a sufficient database for yourself or your business? Leave your comments in the section below.

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