5 ways 3D printing could change the manufacturing industry

3D printing may have started out as a gimmick but it is now causing huge ripples in the business world as it opens up a whole new world of opportunities.

Being able to print out 3D objects is a huge step forward in the technological sector. It has the potential to change life as we know it. In particular, it is certain to change the way manufacturers do business.

3D Printing - New Technology
Discover the top 5 ways 3D printing will impact the manufacturing industry below.

1. Companies will switch to local production

When 3D printing becomes more mainstream a lot of businesses will be able to use the machines to create their own parts and products. This will help them to save quite a lot of money.

It will reduce the need for external companies, which means many large manufacturers would see a decline in business. However, as it stands, 3D printers used by small car manufacturers for example, won’t have the capability to print out massive orders. So, while the larger manufacturers will face a dent in business, there isn’t too much of a threat for mass manufacturing just yet.

2. Changes in food manufacturing

One of the most revolutionary changes that will change the manufacturing sector is food production. Liquid and powder based foods can easily be printed. Therefore printed food is set to be one of the next developments – providing it can gain vital customer support.

3. Changes in the toy industry

3D home printers would have a significant impact on the toy industry. Children will be able to create and play with their own toys.

3D printing software will make it easier for parents and children to create complex designs. As the Solidworks UK price card is competitive, homemade toys could become an incredibly viable option

4. Saving on costs

One of the main concerns for businesses is the ability to save money. 3D printers have made it possible for companies to save thousands of pounds. Tools that would have once cost over £10,000 can now be printed for as little as £10 which represents a huge reduction in manufacturing costs.

5. Changes in the automotive sector

The automotive sector will experience one the biggest changes thanks to 3D printing. Many top companies are already using 3D printers to test various car parts. Eventually the technology will help smaller manufacturers create their own parts; again providing big cost saving benefits.

These are just five ways the manufacturing industry is set to change thanks to 3D printing. However, it won’t be for another five or ten years that the industry sees any significant changes.

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